AI-generated realistic mimic of a photo of a human kneeling in between two very large ant-like wheeled robots that each are wearing mortar boards. Image was AI generated via Adobe Firefly.

Lab Alumni

We are very proud of the students and postdocs that have been a part of the lab over the years!

Former PhD Students

Photo of Taeyeong Choi

Dr. Taeyeong Choi (graduated Fall 2020)

Assistant Professor, Information Technology, Kennesaw State University
[former Computer Science PhD Student at ASU]

Dr. Choi is a former Computer Science PhD student of the lab. He now directs the Learning & SEnsing Research (LaSER) Laboratory at KSU.

Photo of Andrew Burchill

Dr. Andrew Burchill (graduated Spring 2022)

Data Scientist, City of Scottsdale
[former Animal Behavior PhD Student at ASU]

Dr. Burchill is a former Animal Behavior PhD student of the lab. He now is one of the few Data Scientists in the City of Scottsdale. When he was at ASU, he was co-advised by Dr. Stephen Pratt.

Dr. Andrew Burchill was an NSF GRF recipient during his PhD at ASU.

Former Masters Students

Photo of Christian Seto

Christian Seto (graduated Fall 2018)

PhD Student, Data Science, Analytics and Engineering, ASU
[former Industrial Engineering MS Student at ASU]

Christian Seto used sophisticated feature and model selection methods to make sense of a very large data set generated through a simulation exploration of possible ecological and biomechanical factors influencing the outcomes of predator–prey pursuits relevant to Australian conservation efforts. Ultimately, he returned to ASU to start a PhD program in DSAE in a different lab.

Photo of Sehyeok Kang

Sehyeok Kang (graduated Spring 2019)

PhD Student, OSI Lab at KAIST AI [Seoul, South Korea]
[former Computer Engineering MS Student at ASU]

Sehyeok Kang developed and implemented a practical deep neural network to operate on a physical robotics platform for inferring the pose of far-off robots in the system using measurements of the motion of only the robots within sensing range.

Photo of Swastik Nandan

Swastik Nandan (graduated Fall 2021)

Software Development Engineer, ASML [Wilton, Connecticut]
[former Robotics and Automation Systems MS Student at ASU]

Swastik Nandan developed an MS thesis focused on the problem of reinforcement learning in multi-robot systems when the award landscape is sparse. When he was at ASU, he was co-advised by Dr. Jnaneshwar Das.

Photo of Keun Hee Park

Keun Hee Park (graduated Spring 2024)

PhD Student, Computer Science, ASU [returned to our lab!]
[former Computer Science MS Student at ASU]

Keun Park developed new techniques in his MS for improving the performance and data efficiency of an intrinsically interpretable deep neural network that he previously helped develop with Jinyung Hong (another PhD student in the lab). After completing his MS, Keun Park was accepted to the PhD program at ASU, and he will start as a PhD student in the lab in Fall 2024.

Former Bachelors Students

StudentMajorExperience(s)Year Graduated
Mikaela HallIndustrial Engineering BSHonors Thesis2017
Erin GlavinIndustrial Engineering BSHonors Thesis2018
Ricardo WeirComputer Science BSUndergraduate Research Project2019
Jeanbat BusisiIndustrial Engineering BSHonors Thesis2019
Danielle AdamsIndustrial Engineering BSHonors Thesis2019
Samantha CastroBiology BSUndergraduate Research Project
Honors Thesis
Liliaokeawawa CothrenApplied Mathematics BSUndergraduate Research Project
Honors Thesis
Emily LadewigSustainability BSHonors Thesis2023
Liyah ColemanBiology BSHonors Thesis2023
Alexander EdmistonIndustrial Engineering BSHonors Thesis2024
Former undergraduate students who have worked in the lab either on honors projects or research projects.

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

Photo of Kaitlin Baudier

Dr. Kaitlin Baudier (ASU dates: 2017–2020)

Assistant Professor, Biological, Environmental and Earth Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. Baudier is a former postdoctoral researcher from the lab. She now directs the Baudier Lab of Social Insect Science at USM. When she was at ASU, she also worked very closely with Dr. Stephen Pratt and Dr. Jennifer Fewell.

Photo of Gabriele Valentini

Dr. Gabriele Valentini (ASU dates: 2016–2020)

Lead Data Scientist, Adaptfy [Amsterdam, Netherlands]

Dr. Valentini is a former postdoctoral researcher from the lab. He is now a Lead Data Scientist at Adaptfy in Amsterdam. When she was at ASU, she also worked very closely with Dr. Stephen Pratt, Dr. Sara Imari Walker, and Dr. Bert Hoelldobler.